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Using the latest CAD and CNC technologies, RapidPro Design developed and produced a fully functional production-grade Body Core Toner prototype ready for demonstration and real word product testing.


The BODY CORE TONER system is a resistance exercise device with dynamic aluminium arm movement able to provide the user with real motion through the exercise strengthening core process.


The BODY CORE TONER resistance exercise device was initially conceived to provide people with a body core training system that allows the user to strengthen their core, back and body in a more convenient manner with less stress applied to the user’s back & joints.


The new BODY CORE TONER is a significant improvement on the existing current core trainers.


The BODY CORE TONER is perfect for rehab & recovery strengthening training working the Back & Core. The BODY CORE TONER is ideal to use in the comfort & convenience of your home.

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